Oh Baby

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Introducing the 'Oh Baby Candle,' the perfect addition to your home with its sweet and innocent fragrance. This delightful candle combines notes of lily, bergamot, geranium, violet and precious woods to create a scent that will leave you feeling cuddled up with a newborn baby.

The top notes of ozone and orange create a fresh scent that quickly gives way to the floral scents of rose, orange blossom, and violet. Finally, the base notes add an element of warmth to this fragrance with its powdery finish combined with cedar.

This candle is perfect for new parents or for anyone who wants to reminisce about those sweet moments spent holding newborns. Its subtle yet captivating aroma is sure to fill your home or office space with comfort.

Bring home this 'Oh Baby Candle' today and bask in its warm embrace as it takes you on a journey down memory lane.