Mental Health

I made these candles because if there's one thing the pandemic and this shutdown has taught me, it's that most of us are a little screwed up -- and that's okay. My generation tends to laugh at our pain, probably to keep from crying, but nevertheless there's a collective understanding. I'm committed to doing my part so that more of us can laugh our way to healing. 15% of our net profits from Bundle 1 will be donated to the Loveland Foundation.
"Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls."

For more info on their mission, or to apply for therapy assistance, please visit:


  • I have super dry skin no matter what season it is, and I’ve fallen in love with body butters as the solution to this. The problem I have with a lot of body butters/lotions is that they either don’t last or are too oily and don’t sink into the skin. The Sonshine bath formula has quickly become my absolute favorite as it keeps my skin feeling moisturized for days (!!) and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. Since I started using these butters (after I shower) my girlfriend keeps commenting on how soft my skin is. I cannot recommend these enough! I received the rosemary mint and green tea & lemongrass scents and they don’t smell overly fake ... they’re perfect! Already planning on stocking up on more. Cannot recommend enough
  • I bought two and I’m so happy I did. I smelled this bomb scent before I could even open the box....couldn’t even stop sticking my nose in the candle because it smells THAT GOOD! It has the house smelling amazing. 10 out of 10 would recommend ALL of the candles on this page! Don’t sleep! The time is N:OW!
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  • Damaria