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Introducing the 'F.A.F.O candle,' a unique commemorative masterpiece that draws inspiration from the Alabama boat brawl. This exquisite candle features a captivating fragrance that's bound to set the mood for an immersive adventure.

The blue layer boasts a refreshing blend of eucalyptus, moss, and sea salt that invigorates your senses and ignites your inner explorer. The base notes of palm, amber, and light musk ground this enticing scent with an earthy tone.

Not to be outdone is the white layer with its citrusy blend of lemon and lime complementing coconut notes. The warm blend of vanilla, sandalwood, and musk below creates an alluring aroma that elevates your surroundings.

With its unique fragrance composition featuring refreshing top notes balanced by grounding base notes on each layer blended perfectly together in one luxury candle - this is truly an ideal addition to any home or office space! Illuminate any room with adventure's essence while soothing away stressors - #CandleFAFO #AlabamaBoatBrawl