Refreshing Rose Facial Toner

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Toner is great for those with oily / acne prone skin along with those of you who wear makeup, whether it be daily or occasionally. Toners provide extra cleansing, restores your skin's Ph balance, shrinks pores and acts as a moisturizer amongst other benefits.. 

Rosewater soothes skin irritation, reduces skin redness, helps to prevent and treat infections, contains antioxidants and helps the healing of scars, cuts and wounds, a result of its antibacterial properties.

Ingredients: Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Water Extract,

PLEASE USE WITH CAUTION: Although our products are made using natural ingredients, we recommend using caution as you normally would when trying a new bath / body product. Test product on a small area or skin before using all over body and if irritation develops, discontinue use. Please carefully review ingredients if you have any known allergies.

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