Somebody Son

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 Introducing the 'Somebody's Son Candle,' a delightful addition to your home decor that will fill your space with a charming fragrance that's as sweet as a family reunion. This candle combines the scents of black currant and peach with the warmth of amber and tonka to create an inviting aroma. The humorous name is fitting for this candle, as it would undoubtedly be everybody's favorite if it had its own personality! Light up 'Somebody's Son' for an enjoyable olfactory experience that will make you smile. The fragrance charm is undeniable, and the funny tagline will add humor to any setting. Add this unique candle to your collection today, and don't miss out on its captivating scent! #SomebodysSonCandle #FragranceCharm #FunnyAndCute #ScentWithPersonality

Size: 12oz