Candle Lighter


Every candle connoisseur needs a beautiful lighter to add to their collection. This lighter is easily refillable and a nice touch to any setup. 

To Re-fill:
1. Set the flame height adjuster (a the base of your lighter) to the lowest setting using a small screw driver.
2. Bleed the lighter by pushing the refilling valve with a screw driver until no hissing sound is heard. Hold the lighter into an upside down position to avoid injecting air into the lighter.
3. Shake the butane can and press the stem of the can directly onto the refill valve for 5 seconds. Repeat if necessary.
4. Wait 3-4 minutes to let the gas reach room temperature.
5. Turn the flame adjuster counter clockwise to reach desired flame height.
For security reasons, these lighters are shipped to you empty.
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